Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paris setlist (first night)

Le Grand Rex, Paris, France
July 24, 2008

Lucinda/Ain’t Going Down To The Well
Raindogs / Russian Dance
Falling Down
All The World Is Green
I’ll Shoot The Moon
Cemetery Polka
Cold Cold Ground
Eyeball Kid
Way Down In The Hole
The Briar And The Rose
You can never hold back spring
Lucky Day (aborted)
Tom Traubert’s Blues
Innocent When You Dream
Lie To Me
Hoist That Rag
Bottom Of The World
Hang Down Your Head
Get Behind The Mule
Dirt In The Ground
Make It Rain

Chocolate Jesus
Trampled Rose
Come On Up To The House

Plenty of videos up on YouTube. Here's one of them: Lie to me.


jerseyraindog said...

What a great night. The Rex is a superb venue with great sound and terrific ambience. This was my third time seeing Tom and the magic certainly hasn't worn off yet. If anything he seems an even stronger showman than when I saw him at the Rex in 2000. Highlights for me were You can never hold back spring, Cold cold ground, Tom traubert's blues and and awesome versions of eyeball kid and dirt in the ground. Tres bon!

rainpuppy said...

This was the first time i`ve seen Tom live and it was everything I hoped it would be!! Great show, great venue and seeing the man himself and hearing THAT voice live was pretty special to say the least. So glad he played TT Blues and Bottom Of The World. Also the security weren`t at all bothered about cameras, I was snapping away and filming on and off all night with a security guy right next to me!! Only downside was that I thought the T-shirts were a bit naff!! No dates or venues on em and the XL was still quite small, but thats a minor gripe. Roll on Edinburgh and Dublin!!!

frdoll said...

"You Can Never Hold Back Spring" is missing on that playlist. It was before or after "The briar and the rose", if anyone remembers.

richard said...
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richard said...

My memory says "Briar" was the first number he played at the piano and "Spring" was next. Otherwise I think the setlist is correct.

Richard said...

ooops yep, I've checked, and 'Spring' was indeed
between Briar and the Rose and Lucky Day. One of my fave tunes
too, duhhh.

Zardoz said...

what happened that lucky day was aborted? anyboby !

jerseyraindog said...

He was less than 20 seconds into Luck Day when he hit a duff note and just stopped. Made a quick joke about it and then launched into Tom Traubert's Blues.

Flashkaboom said...

I couldn't make the UK dates so pushed the financial boat out to see Tom for the first time, not knowing what to expect. Fabulous nuit! The venue, the passion of the crowd, the exceptional band and what a showman! Delayed start added to the anticipation - maybe why he moved on to TT Blues (?). Get more dust on your boots and see him live, say I!

HAI KIO said...

What a great and unforgettable night! Thanx Tom and Thanx Paris! i o c

Nowandever said...

hi there ! i was at this concert ... was my very firts one to see Tom. Just listen to him since nearly 30 years ! Unforgettable for my eyes and ears. Hope to see some recording. Cheers to all. N@e

Burntfaced Jake said...

This was the best of the three shows I saw this tour. Great performance, great setlist, great venue, great city.

The seats were something else - cheaper than both Edinburgh and Dublin - closer to the stage and more comfortable - whoever organised the Ratcellar take note. Also there were no constant streams of people interrupting you to go and get a beer as in Dublin.

bertrand.monier said...
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bertrand.monier said...

Russian Dance is credited for the Dublin lists, but in fact in Paris Tom finished Rain Dogs with the melody of Russian Dance... In fact one of the magic moment of this night...
For me "Chocolate Jesus" version with the loudspeaker was deeply awesome... I've kept this song in my head since this night.
Tom is my man.

The Eyeball Kid said...

@bertrand.monier : I've corrected the Paris set lists and added 'Russian dance'.