Wednesday, July 16, 2008

European meeting points

With the European leg under way, it's more than time to try and list some suggestions for pre and post show meeting points where you might find some fellow Raindogs. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments. And remeber more discussions about these meeting points are being held over at the Tom Waits Fan Forum.

(UPDATED July 16)

Pre show: Maga Furla
Via Roberto Cozzi, 50
20125 Milan, Italy

Post show: Triky's Castle
Via San Carpoforo 4

Jama Pub
V Jáme( 7 Praha 1 )

Na Hradbach
Prague 2
128 00

Pre and post show: Emeraude Hotel d'Espagne
9, Cité Bergère - 75009 Paris
Post show: Mr. Confetti's

Black Bo's
57-61 Blackfriars Street
Edinburgh, EH1 1NB

Foggy Dew
1 Fownes Street, Temple Bar,
Dublin 2


Shauneh said...

Could I suggest the Theatre Royal Bar for Edinburgh ? It's really nice & relaxed, they do food (which is really good according to reviews) and it's right next door to the Playhouse :-D

Nighthawks Diner said...

would welcome a suggestion for a location to meet up in Paris... although we're probably spoilt for choice!

Anonymous said...

for Milan I found this on

Milan 7/17: Maga Furla (Pre-Show - 1.1 km)
Via Roberto Cozzi, 50
20125 Milan, Italy
Map link
Post party should be in a different place.

mattlondon said...

just got back from barcelona gig..awesome band,tom sounding fantastic,highlights for me were reworkings of clap your hands,dirt in the ground..unreal rendition of sins of the father

Chocolate Jesus said...

It's 23 years since I last went in the Edinburgh Playhouse. October 12 1985... to see Tom Waits... of course. Very expensive it was as well £7.50 (G B Pounds)I don't remember the bars & pubs in the area so I'll take your advice shauneh and try the Theatre Royal Bar.

Petter Solberg said...

Some people recommended Ryan's Bar in Phoenix Park in Dublin. Perhaps we can get them to play some TW music before and after the shows!


Jens said...

I'll be there in Ryan's Bar too.


Chocolate Jesus said...

And Me !

TCCBodhi said...

On the Fan Forums, I've been trying to keep the suggestions together at

There is a need for a better, handicapped accessible place for the Prague Shows, if anyone knows anyplace.

The large number of Dublin attendees on the forums are pretty set on The Foggy Dew.

If you have comments or suggestions about these meetups, please leave them on the Forum topic. :)

rainpuppy said...

Hey Shauneh, Theatre Royal Bar sounds good to me, i`ll be there for the 2nd night. Cant wait!!

Jens said...

After going to each website I think I will go to Ryan's bar before the concert and to The Foggy Dew after the show.


Jitterbugboy said...

I think theatre royal too. I'm too nevous i get stuck at Black Bo's and end up at the back of the queue.

Kuba Janicki said...

Paris - do you really think hotel is a good solution?

yuri.sergeev said...

When will be meeting in Prague?

Ole said...

I am going to see the man on the first night in paris. Does anyone know what this place mr. confetti is like and is it near the royal rex?
Coming all the way from Norway just to see him and I have never been to Paris before. i need a good bar after the show.

rainpuppy said...

Im not sure either about the Emeraude Hotel!! Looks close to the Rex though, as for Mr Confettis I cant find any details about it and dont have an address!!

Anybody want to meet up during the day on the Thursday and go visit Pere Lachaise Cemetery? Im gonna go find Jim Morrison and Edith Piafs graves.

Kate said...

I'll be seeing you at the Theatre Royal Bar