Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mallorca still waiting for Waits

Another late entry on my part, I'm afraid.
The Waiting for Waits festival in Mallorca started on July 5th, but you can still catch Richard Hawley on July 26th.

The festival's idea is pretty simple: each performing artist has to include at least one Waits cover.


Malicia Cool said...

perdona, no sé por qué pensé que eras americano; ya lo he corregido; gracias por decirlo, anyway, y enhorabuena por tu labor!!

alicia XX

Anonymous said...

Waiting for Waits: I'm wondering how many people know that this is actually a title of a tune on Richie Cole's 1979 Hollywood Madness album. The late Eddie Jefferson, scat and vocalese jazz master, sings along with Manhattan Transfer, with Cole's alto sax, as they're "Waitn' for Waits, Waitin's for Waits, Waitin' for Waits...The Piano has been drinking, I heard Tom Waits singing...He's a killer...shoop scoobe dowah!". At the end of the tune, Tom Waits explains why he was late for the gig and missed it, being he was on the corner of Heartattack and Vine and ran into some chick called Lola, and they stopped for some barbeque ribs and drank some green chartruese, a short spoken word piece, if you will. I remember when I first heard that song, as my then girlfriend had the LP, I wanted to hear more of Waits doing that rap, as though I hadn't heard enough of that hipster voice of his on this one cut from the album.

psychedu said...

I red somewhere that they will change the name of the festival to Who the f*ck is Tom Waits? (WFW, same initials), due to the fact that the artist play in Spain but not in Palma de Mallorca.


Tomeu Gomila said...

We should actually change our name into:

Orphans of Waits

But we have done a referendum among Majorcan music followers, and after eight editions the vast majority of them consider that we should keep the same name, even though he may never pay a visit to Majorca (a lot of Beckett followers in our beautiful island...)

Dear Idnearthesea: seems quite difficult to find the album you mention.
If possible, please email us a copy of that song. It would be great to play it at the beginning of our shows!

ps- by the way: Richard Hawley appears to have more fans than Waits over here!

Anonymous said...

To Tomeu Gomilo:
I bought the CD version of this album on Amazon, though you should also be able to get it through Rhapsody Music/Real Player.
There's been a CD version since 1992, and I only got a heads up about this recently myself.
I do have the album downloaded, but can't email it to you from my Real Player library for some reason. So my best advice would be to go to Rhapsody, type in Richie Cole, see if Hollywood Madness pops up, and go from there: buy the cut or the whole album, and download it, and get it onto a burned CD or IPOD so you can play it at the festival. Good luck, as it's a fun tune to hear!
By the way, I've been to Galicia in Spain some time ago, spent a few weeks there, and loved the bagpipes! I'd like to go back and visit the Mediterranean side of Spain.
Adios from California!

Nigel Smith said...

I've just posted an MP3 of Waitin' For Waits by Richie Cole on my blog. You can download it here:
Carnival Saloon: Waiting For Waits