Saturday, July 19, 2008

Milan setlist (third night)

Teatro Degli Arcimboldi, Milan, Italy
July 19, 2008
Lucinda / Ain't going down to the Well
Way down in the hole
Fallin Down
All the world is green
I'll shoot the moon
God's away on business
Cold Cold Ground
Eyeball Kid
Jesus gonna be here
On the nickel
Tom Traubert's blues
House where nobody lives
Innocent when you dream
Lie to me
Hoist that rag
Lost in the bottom of the world
Chocolate Jesus
Raindogs / Russian Dance
Dirt in the ground
Make it rain

Jockey full of bourbon
Hang down your head
Goin out west

Vincos blog (Italian)

There are plenty of Milan videos up on YouTube, but I'll give you the Eyeball Kid mime performance.


Unknown said...

I can confirm the setlist. Though, Lucinda was as usual paired with Ain't going down to the Well, but only one verse, I think.

Even it was night 3, it seemed they all needed to feel their way in the beginning, maybe it was a little too much a man with a backing band. But from All the world is Green it was magic - i cried a little during that song. It was so beautiful.

The piano part midways was another high. My girlfriend, who is not a nerd like me, loved that part especially. He said he played Tom Trauberts Blues, on request by the way. And on Tom's request everyone joined him on the chorus of Innocent when you Dream

And we got the joke(s) of the night: Of a lost bagage center north of Milan where the stuff from all the lost bagage in the world is collected and being sold on. Of course Tom was going there, but he lost his bag on the way. "That is ironico".

Others have opposed the version of Hoist that Rag. I think it worked marvelously. The recorded version is carried by Marc Ribot's guitar, and shouldn't be redone that way with another guitarist. Torrez did a fine job all the way.

Dirt in the Ground and Make it Rain worked great live as well. And of course did Jockey full of Bourbon. I guess many italians had their first Waits-experience seeing Down by Law.

Met two norvegian kids on the plane back. One of them had attended all three shows in Milan - and I thought I was a nutter. He liked the friday show best, except that saturday was the only night he used the megaphone. Twice in fact.

I can't complain...

vincos said...

A magic night...Review & Setlist

she said...

Milan firts gig with lots of pics here:

Great night!

Unknown said...

TOM, the shows were FANTACTIC!!!! I hope it won't be 10 yrs before you come this way again......
Hey The Apple Pirates are an Italian band that cover BROKEN BICYCLES (on cd), HANG DOWN YOUR HEAD and OL'55 (radio show that you can hear at ENJOY,

katrin said...

As he used the megaphone and he sang Chocolate Jesus, I can't complain.
He was more theatrical than Barcelona.
Everyone had the same problem in the airport with the poster? "Did you go to the concert?","who is he?".
It was quite funny...

Zardoz said...

Fantastic set on the 3rd night in milan. looks to me like the best set of the tour.
Anybody agree?
Strangely though nothing from swordfishtrombones !!!!!
does anybody else agree that "home I'll never be" is possibly the best track on Orphans?
Home in ol' Medora, home in ol' Truckee, Apalachicola, Home I'll never be.

Unknown said...

Funny that he reconstructed his joke for the European tour...the actual lost luggage store (and the only one in the world) is in Scottsboro, Alabama. He told this joke at both the Mobile and Birmingham shows.

Also, each night, he would say the keyboard player was from Mobile, Birmingham, Atlanta, etc... I wonder if he kept that up in Europe, saying he was from Barcelona, Milan, etc...

Squid said...

After the tour..........a new "Waitstock" has to be formed.One in upstate NY died a few years ago after the owner of the property passed away.....too bad...3 days of bands playing only Waits...
any ideas? send to:

Unknown said...


J Aybar said...

Unforgetable experience. Hope I can live all this again some (lucky) day. Didn't play Time ... but did a fantastic Dirt in the Ground.

Anonymous said...

I went to the first night in Milan (the eyeball kid video is mine, thank you :), and I have to say that it was a great performance. It was my first Tom Waits concert, hope it won't be my last, because it was pure magic.

I saw videos from the other nights, but songs like make it rain worked better on the 1st show because of the "glitter rain" timing. It was funny to see how nervous sullivan waits was on 'hoist that rag' :)

Also, the concert joke was about the milanese people he found everywhere that told him "va a dar via i ciapp" (that seams to mean someting like f*** off in milanese dialect), and nobody wanted to tell him what that meant, they only gave him a "half way smile".

Roberto Benigni was also there the 1st night, and Tom dedicated him 'you can never hold back spring'.