Monday, July 21, 2008

Prague setlist (first night)

Kongresove Centrum Praha, Prague, The Czech Republic
July 21, 2008

Lucinda/Ain't Going down to the Well No More
Way down in the Hole
Falling down
All the World Is Green
I'll Shoot the Moon
Cemetery Polka
Hang down Your Head
Eyeball Kid
Rain Dogs
On the Nickel
Invitation to the Blues
Tom Traubert's Blues
House Where Nobody Lives
Innocent When You Dream
Lie to Me
Hoist That Rag
Bottom of the World
Trampled Rose
Jesus Gonna Be Here
Dirt in the Ground
Make It Rain

On the Other Side of the World

Picture: Chris Robinson

Pictures: Jacek Begiełło


annamach said...

Here's the slightly corrected list from Prague 07.21.2008:

1. Lucinda/ Ain't Goin' Down to the Well
2. Way Down in the Hole
3. Falling Down
4. All the World Is Green
5. I'll Shoot the Moon
6. Cemetery Polka / Sous Le Ciel de Paris (instrumental)
7. Hang Down Your Head
8. Eyeball Kid
9. Rain Dogs / Russian Dance (instrumental)
10. On the Nickel
11. Invitation to the Blues
12. Tom Traubert's Blues
13. House Where Nobody Lives
14. Innocent When You Dream
15. Lie to Me
16. Hoist That Rag
17. Bottom of the World
18. Trampled Rose
19. Jesus Gonna Be Here
20. Dirt in the Ground
21. Make It Rain

22. The Other Side of the World
23. Singapore

Rawbinson said...

Also, I believe Václav Havel, the first president of the Czech Republic was in the audience. At least at the beginning...

Ray said...

On the Nickel
Invitation to the Blues
Tom Traubert's Blues
House Where Nobody Lives
Innocent When You Dream

Best piano set so far!

em said...

Oh! On the Nickel AND Tom Traubert's! Holy crap!!

BWG said...

Great show, amazing piano set, though 'Hoist That Rag' could have had a bit more guitar and a bit less solos, and I definitely missed the falsetto from 'Dirt in the Ground'. Otherwise just plain damn amazing, this man is the best ever.

Jakob said...

As I walked around on the busiest tourist street in all of Prague, guess who I bumbed into last sunday? Just a few meters in front of comes one of the greatest artists alive walking towards me. I said excuse me a couple of times. He ignored me at first, but at last I got to shake hands and ask if I could please take a picture. "Absolutely not" he murmbled.I had time to say that I love his music and that I was going to see him the next day before he walked away. I still can't believe it's true that I actually shook his hand.

Kees Lau said...

the first show wasn't the best, a bit a disappointment so all the dutch thought.... and Havel was there all the time, he was siting left behind us and enjoyed the whole show very much, concerning Tom Waits.....there was a second night!

misread said...

I saw him live. I mean he was standing in front of me. I was just shaking my head with THE stupid smile on the face that is so well known for all of us. Couldn't choose which were the BEST to hear but Cemetery Polka and Dirt in the Ground I'll never forget. EVER!

MrHenry said...

incredible show an a great time in prague. hey andy joel and dominic, raindogs all. i lost your email... if ya read this you can get me over at the micah p. hinson website. h

Jacek said...

supplement :)