Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mobile setlist

Saenger Theatre, Mobile, Al.
July 2

Lucinda / Ain't going down to the well no more
Down in the hole
Falling down
Hang down your head
Chocolate Jesus
Cemetary Polka
Another man's Vine
Lie to me baby
All the world is Green
Cold, Cold Ground
Black Market Baby
Raindogs / Russian Dance
Lucky Day
Johnsburg, Ill
Innocent When you Dream
Hoist that rag
Jesus Gonna Be Here
Dirt in the ground
Eyeball Kid
House where nobody lives
Make it rain

Goin' Out West
Anywhere I lay my head



nosmoattacks said...

Best show I've ever seen. Cold Cold Ground with the awesome accordion player was definitely the highlight for me.Also Tom jokingly telling the guy he was gonna f-ck him up for asking about his wife was hilarious.I don't think I'll ever see anyone top that show.

fieldsofgarlic said...
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fieldsofgarlic said...

Thanks for the set list. I keep notes too, and "Make It Rain" was actually the last song of the main set, not the first song of the encore (remember the glitter, right before he walked off stage?).

It was a great show and I'm glad I drove all the way from New Orleans and back last night to see it!

The Eyeball Kid said...

I've corrected the set list and put 'Make it rain' as last song of the main set.

Joshua said...

My first tom waits show! Traveled from boston to see it, and seeing the Bham show tomorrow. I see alot of concerts, and tom just completely outclasses anything Ive seen before. Unfortunately, I think I was behind the only person in the theater who just wouldn't sit down all the way. She sat up on the edge of her seat and stretched as high as she could, making her a good 2 heads taller than anyone else. Very annoying. Its the same people that mess up public restrooms or cut you off in traffic, I assume. No empathy.

Sean said...

...same with me in Knoxville, Josh, except these doofs were behind me. They talked for the first few songs, loudly, about "how cool" it was to be there. They smoke marijuana (not that there is anything wrong with that) constantly. I had to tell them to be quiet and we almost "threw down," but I didn't want to get kicked out of my first Tom Waits show.

People. ugh.

Burntfaced Jake said...

Better not be any of these dickheads at the European shows - I will have to resort to violence if my view is blocked by some bint who thinks her dancing will impress me more than a Tom Waits show.

I remember at the second Berlin gig in 2004 there was a family in the third roe who kept annoying the fuck out of everyone else. In the end the teenage daughter was so wasted she had to leave the gig along with the rest of them. In the UK we have a word for these kind of people - Woat - it's an acronym and stands for Waste Of A Ticket.

Glad to have got that off my chest! Now enjoy the rest of the tour folks!

Ray said...

Hey Jake, how does one pronounce "woat"? I think I'm gonna bring it to the states.

ggalaxy65 said...

It looks like I may have an extra ticket for Atlanta show. My guest may have to cancel on me, so I will be left holding one ticket. I fly into Atlanta on friday evening and will be staying at the Holiday Inn. I will be asking face value for the ticket, it is row F seat #57. That is sixth row! If you are interested in this please contact me I will find out for sure about this later this afternoon.

Jill said...

Well, I've been waiting for almost 15 years for my very first show and all I have to say is WOW! The Mobile show far exceeded my expectations in every way! I've been collecting live bootlegs for years and his voice in person does not even compare. His stage presence was amazing as well. Can't believe I get to go again tonight. Thank you Tom!

Mike said...

"Woat" - pronounced like "goat", I imagine?..

Burntfaced Jake said...

Ray - Mike is exactly right. It's 'Woat' as in 'boat'. They often occur at important football matches and other sporting events in the UK as well.

Kevin said...

nosomoattacks...What exactly happened with the guy asking Tom about his wife...I would be interested to know. He may have been "joking" but with a bit of seriousness to it.

Just wondering what if you had more details about it

nosmoattacks said...

It seemed lighthearted enough. Between songs the dude asked "How's Kathleen?" to which Tom replied "She's doing good who're you an ex boyfriend? Don't f-ck with me man I'll f-ck you up."
He then playfully told security to bump the guy. It got a pretty good laugh from the crowd. I'm pretty sure Tom realized the guy was just being nice.

Skip said...

We also drove from New Orleans (Bywater) to be at the Mobile show, saw half our neighborhood there too. Amazingly I got great tickets days after they went on sale, a far cry from scoring tickets to the Memphis show in '06 which sold out in something like under 7 minutes. The crowds for Waits are most amazing, and sometimes extremely boorish. People in their 70's to people with infants (I was surprised that they even let a woman with a very small infant into a show at all). I think that a lot of the blame for the a**holes falls into the laps of lax theater management. I was slightly disappointed in Waits' band this time around. His son Casey does a good job on drums- born into the groove so to speak. The horn player from NYC was outstanding (doing the two-horns-at once thing from the Roland Kirk trick bag was delightful), and the bass player filled in pretty well for Larry Taylor, but Omar the guitar player, while good on classical guitar, lacked the amount of soul and grit to back up somebody like Waits. Mark Ribot is probably the essential Waits guitarist and his fill-in in Memphis, Duke Robillard, was a genius replacement. Looks like Tom is falling back onto pick-up musicians and now using his younger kids too ("assistant clarinet"?). Hard to complain at all about a Waits gig though, they're so far and away better than anything else and given the times we live in I feel fortunate to be able to attend them. P.s.- thanks to the set list folks...great job.

louis said...

I second that Skip.Omar just just don't do it for me.Anyway,I just wanted to to say thanks to whoever made the Mobile show happen.We missed him in Asheville last tour and it broke my heart.Moved down here a few months ago and lo and behold...
Fuckin beautiful.

Anonymous said...

There is some "irony" to Waits using younger players like Seth Young and Omar Torrez. Back some thirty years ago Waits had jazz greats like Jack Sheldon, Shelley Manne, Mike Melvoin, and Jim Hughart play on his albums. He was the youngster and they were the oldsters then!

Mike M said...

While I liked Duke Robillard a lot on the last tour, he added more of a "bluesier feel" to the music.This time around the band, especially the horn player are challenging the singer to stretch out the songs, and Omar Torrez guitar work may get a little lost in the shuffle, but what I heard was excellent! As for the crowd, there was a post somewhere about Tom only doing one encore in Jacksonville due to an inattentive crowd, and I don't buy it at all.
He was just exhuasted from giving everything he had.Those of you who were there should remember he left the stage with "You've been a great audience" which I KNOW he did not say in Atlanta or Memphis in 2006.There are always going to be idiots at shows, we had two right behind us, but Tom is used to it and handles it better than a lot of other performers. I honestly think some of these knucklheads think he EXPECTS them to shout out to get him going, which we know is not true, but he seems to have a good response for everything that comes his way.I'll take a Tom Waits show any way I can get it these days, as no one matches him as a live performer.