Thursday, July 03, 2008

Scalping for charity

A charity auction for tickets to almost all the European shows is starting today.

The charities are: The Young Adult & Family Center, Summerfield Waldorf School, Children's Village of Sonoma County, The Family Support Center, The Homeless Service Center and NAMI - Sonoma County.


inabillity said...

at least he's giving to charity, which for some reason those greedy shrimp never do..

Alex Sobolev said...

Hey man!

Their just shellfish!

Jordi V. Pou said...

I have my tickets for Barcelona so I will no bet.

But just an idea for Tom to get more funds : Include with the charity tickets some kind of memorabilia hand signed by you, or the change to meet you for a moment prior of after the show, just to shake hands or take a picture.

Surely more people will bet, I will.