Friday, December 05, 2008

Feeding America’s National Campaign soundtrack

The national public service advertising campaign launched by the Advertising Council and Feeding America to raise awareness of the issue of hunger in America uses the Waits song Never let go of your hand as its soundtrack.

“We all need to be reminded that the folks who need help getting back on their feet are all members of our family”, Tom Waits explains his involvement on the ANTI blog.


Gordo Gonzales said...

this was actually very touching and subtle too. glad t.w. is engaged in raising awareness for the hungry.

Tim said...

Great ads, but shouldn't the grammar be "1 in 8 Americans ARE hungry", not "is"?

Eric said...

Nope, but that's a common mistake. The "is" refers to the 1 in the 8, which is singular. It's not referring to the 8.