Monday, November 22, 2004

Amsterdam setlist (#3)

The set list for the third and last Amsterdam show (November 21):

Hoist that rag
Make it rain
Jockey full of bourbon
Don't go into that barn
Sins of the father
Straight to the top (rhumba & vegas version)
God's away on bunesiness
Misery is the river of the world
Eyeball kid
Walk away
Metropolitan glide
What's he building
Shake it
16 shells
Trampled rose
House where nobody lives
Lucky day

Thanks to Frans


Anonymous said...

Impressive. Especially Eyeball kid was great. I missed the day after tommorow. his son now played the first song. And there were a lot of cameras to...

JensdePens said...

The beginning of the concert was magnificent and amazing

The audience was superb!

Tom was great as allways (he talked about the popularity of tomatoes!!)

Best evening ever!! Words can't describe it!

Anonymous said...

does anybody know if the camera's where for the live dvd? That would be great
otherwise i'm wandering what they were buiding with all those cameras

Anonymous said...

does anybody know if the camera's were for the live dvd?

Anonymous said...

hi everyone!
saw tom in berlin-fab concert.
read an interview in a local london magazine-some interesting comments tom made about future plans-possibly playing a venue for a few weeks and an album of howling wolf covers...the mouth salivates :)

JosK said...

Great consert, but the sound wasn't to good at my spot.
There was a camera next to me, the man who was working on it, told me it is for a documentery, so!!!

Hail Hail,The Eyeball Kid!

Anonymous said...

documentary/full concert DVD, surely? (he said with fingers crossed...)


Anonymous said...

hi folks,

as it turns out next to no one seems to understand what Tom was getting at with the gimmick anecdote he has been telling every evening in Berlin and Amsterdam.

what the man is trying to say, is:
if you use your mobile phones as cameras in his show, he will use his wrist watch as a rifle, i.e. cut the show short.

and that is exactly what he did.

particularly the flash fotografy bothers him, and anyone using a flash from the balcony has no idea what he is doing anyway. no built in flash will reach that far. it is a distraction for the artist.

so pay the man your respects and turn off your flash, forchristsake. and spread the gospel.

uncle remus said...

what a performance.. even if he did forget the odd lyric........or was that just me? 16 shells was top ...dvd??? i hope and pray....