Thursday, March 31, 2005

Big Time dvd

According to an advertisement in Q Magazine (April 2005) Badland Mail Order will be selling a Big Time dvd for  £12.99 in the near future.

UPDATE: This does not seem to be an ,,official'' release...


Anonymous said...

A couple of things I posted on the Raindogs list about this DVD


I was surprised to see this ad. I e-mailed Badlands and they told me it was due out in April. I e-mailed back saying I was surprised at this ,as I had heard nothing about it but they have not replied to that e-mail.

I have tried searching for more info on the net but have found nothing so far.

Strange indeed
Further to my previous post , I got the following e-mail back from Spin CD Records this morning
"Jarlath.Regarding the Tom Waits DVD - we did get details on this release (unfortunately now deleted). We were then contacted again by the distributors who say that the early copies of this were of such poor quality that they wouldn't be supplying them - perhaps the DVD was of a dubious
origin?... and we don't touch bootlegs.
Sorry - but thanks for getting in touch


So it would appear to be a pirate copy that someone is pushing out.
Pity, I was looking forward to the official release of this on DVD


Anonymous said...

i atually bought a big time dvd on ebay . it was in 5.1 and had fishing with john as an extra.

Anonymous said...

You may have bought one, but it was a bootleg. Fishing with John is not a "free extra," you can buy a perfectly legal copy in the store.

Sarah V.

Anonymous said...

How was the quality of that Big Time from Ebay? And what is 5.1?

Anonymous said...

i hope tom releases more of his work on dvds, but i respect his whis not to.

Eucalyptus Tree said...

I do NOT respect "his wish" to ignore such a good piece of video that his devotees demand. Preserve this document through good quality transfer and mass distribution now. What gives?