Sunday, March 06, 2005

East of Sunset screening

Director Brian McNelis' East of Sunset will be screened on April 5 and April 7 at the 7th annual The Method Fest Independent Film Festival in Calabasas, Ca.

The movie is a music-driven project created to showcase the early songs of Waits' career. The soundtrack consists entirely of covers of songs written by Waits in his early years from 1973 through 1983. Among the artists covering Waits songs are Lydia Lunch, Pete Shelley, Alex Chilton, The Wedding Present, Dave Alvin, and Drugstore, as well as on-camera performances, songs and adapted score elements by Francisco slo-core band [The] Caseworker.

The drama stars Emily Stiles as a pill-addicted twentysomething who falls for a recreational heroin user, while dealing with her own issues.
The film's website has a movie clip of [The] Caseworker's version of Old Shoes.

UPDATE: This movie will be released as a dvd in the near future.

UPDATE TWO: tracks by Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Thindersticks did not make the final cut of this movie.


Anonymous said...

Here is the tracklist

All Songs Written By Tom Waits
in the years 1971 to 1980
Published by Six Palms Music Corp. (ASCAP)

All recordings by [the] caseworker
Produced and Mixed by Monte Vallier
[the] caseworker appears courtesy of Manifesto Records, Inc.
(P) 2004 Manifesto Records, Inc.

performed by [the] caseworker

"Poncho's Lament"
performed by [the] caseworker

"I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love with You"
performed by [the] caseworker

"Old Shoes"
performed by [the] caseworker

"Ruby's Arms"
performed by [the] caseworker

performed by Alex Chilton
produced by Alex Chilton
(P) 1995 Manifesto Records, Inc.

"Heart Attack and Vine"
performed by Lydia Lunch featuring Nels Cline
produced by Lydia Lunch and
Nels Cline
(P) 2000 Manifesto Records, Inc.

"Please Call Me, Baby"
performed by Sally Norvell
Paul Wallfisch, piano
produced by James Sclavunos

"You Can't Unring a Bell"
performed by These Immortal Souls
produced by Tony Cohen
(P) 1995 Manifesto Records, Inc.

"New Coat of Paint"
performed by Lee Rocker
produced by Lee Rocker
(P) 2000 Manifesto Records, Inc.

"Broken Bicycles"
performed by Botanica
produced by Botanica and
Olivier de la Celle
(P) 2000 Manifesto Records, Inc.

"Better Off Without a Wife"
performed by Pete Shelley
produced by Philip Tennant
(P) 1995 Manifesto Records, Inc.

"Cinny's Waltz"
performed by [the] caseworker

"Ruby's Arms"
performed by Frente!
produced by Frente!
(P) 1995 Manifesto Records, Inc.

"Old Shoes"
performed by Drugstore
produced by Drugstore
(P) 1995 Manifesto Records, Inc.

But no trace of Tindersticks or Screaming jay ...

The Eyeball Kid said...

Very true. I'm looking into this.

Anonymous said...

The Frente and Drugstore covers appear to be the same covers that appeared on the "Step Right Up" tribute album that came out in 1995.l