Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Old news

Here's some of the news I missed the past 30 days or so:

  • Rumours about the release of the Orphans Box become stronger.

  • During The Duke City Shootout Film Festival in New Mexico, Tom Waits was honoured with the Keeping the torch lit award by EARS XXI Studios. The site has some photographs of the event.

  • Jackie Greene quotes Tom Waits as one of his influences.

  • reports that Taryn Kaschock performs a solo dance based on Burma Shave.

  • Danmark's Hadsten hosted the 2005 Straydog Party. Pictures here and here (password required)

  • Belly of a Drunken Piano - an Australian play drawing upon the 30 years of Tom Waits's catalog of music and - will be performed by its writer, Stewart D'Arrietta, backed by three other musicians, beginning on Aug. 17 at the SoHo Playhouse. I don't know if this is new, it might well be the same production as Tom Waits For No One.

    TaLe said...

    This is'nt a roumor. acording to his distributor in norway (bonnier amigo) it is definetly on its way, but no one knows exactly what it is, and when its coming out.

    Anonymous said...

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