Friday, September 30, 2005

Human Oddities, Rain Dogs, and Other Wanderers

During my travels in the deep dark caves of the internet I came across Human Oddities, Rain Dogs, and Other Wanderers: Character and Narative in the Music of Tom Waits, a thesis submited to the FacuIty of Graduate Studies and Research in partial fufillment of the requirements for the degree. of Master of Arts by Corinne Kessel.

You can download the document (pdf, 7,8Mb) at the Library and Archives.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Eyeball Kid, sounds interesting.


Anonymous said...

Now THERE'S something I'll read! Many thanks!

Cracker said...

Are they giving this guy a DTW (Doctor of Tom Waits) degree?
If so, I'm going back to skool.

Anonymous said...

The author's name looked familiar, and after some deep recollection - I remembered - she is the musical director of November Theatre Company, who has create a brilliant production of Black Rider. I saw them in early 2005, and the show was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I dated her briefly in school... Thanks for the link to the thesis - sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

i sneakily printed out all 122 pages at lunch the other day... thanks for the interesting read!