Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Radio City Music Hall set list

Tom Waits played a 45 minute set at the From The Big apple to the Big Easy benefit yesterday:
Way Down in the Hole
Jesus Gonna be Here
Get Behind the Mule
Murder in the Red Barn
Take Care of All My Children
I Wish I was in New Orleans
House Where Nobody Lives

(encore with Marc Ribot)
Make it Rain

(thanks to the ever delightful Dorene)

There are some AP and Reuters pictures on the Yahoo News website.


swordfish0413 said...

Interesting set, the guy is allways good for suprises! Does anybody know where "Take Care of All My Children" is from?

The Eyeball Kid said...

If I remember correctly, 'Take Care...' appeared on the 'Streetwise' soundtrack (1984).

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Tom came vack out at the end of the "all-star jam"? It was late, I was incredibly tired and at first it looked as if the "jam" was just going to consist of Dave Matthews and Trey A. Ended up leaving during "Three Little Birds" and really hope I didn't miss Tom come back out.

Anonymous said...

Ditto that question! My guess is Tom was so frustrated with the sound that he didn't take part. I was pretty sure he was going to walk off about halfway through his set due to the miserable sound.

Anonymous said...

Darn, I wish I'd been there or that it had been on PPV! I was home watching the Madison Square Garden show on TV and praying that Tom would somehow stroll over there to play. Alas, he stayed at what was clearly the better concert. Is it possible that a recording of the Radio City concert will be available??

Anonymous said...

Tom didn't come back out to play with Trey and Dave. Great show...what a surprise in "Take Care Of All My Children." I wonder what song he was going to play on that tiny piano before he got so fed up with the sound?

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask the same question - probably one of the tunes he usually plays on harmonium - maybe God's Away on Business. Great show, but clearly 80% of the crowd came to see Dave and probably quite a few didn't even know who Tom was. Lots of talking and moving around. But it was an awesome set and New Orleans was a great surprise.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else think the inclusion of the song 'Make It Rain' was just slightly insensitive?

Anonymous said...

Take Care of All Of My Children is also on one of those Tales From the Underground compilations

Anonymous said...

I thought I heard him sing the first line of "Anywhere I Lay My Head" before abandoning the song. Did anyone else get that sense, or am I crazy?

Anonymous said...

Could have been. All I heard was feedback. The New York Times had a review of the show and although they didn't mention the irritating crowd, they gave Tom his props, saying he was the highlight of the show and that "when he returned for the night's only encore, he did a squint-eyed version of "Make It Rain." He sounded a bit like the city he commemorated: old and weird and set in his ways and intent ­ no matter what on staying the same."

Right on.

Anonymous said...

"Make It Rain" insensitive? What the hell is wrong with our society? What a bunch of politically-correct (at least on the outside) cry-babys we've become...

Anonymous said...

True. I suppose he could have done a cover version of Led Zep's "When The Levee Breaks."

Anonymous said...

Have you listened to the lyrics of Make it Rain, or are you basing the question purely on the title? Because it's a song about heartache and enduring through the pain:

Since you're gone
deep inside it hurts
I'm just another sad guest
on this dark earth

I want to believe
in the mercy of the world again
Make it rain, make it rain!

I actually think that's pretty fitting! If he'd only done two songs, I'd say Make it Rain and I Wish I Was in New Orleans.

My 2 cents...