Saturday, November 26, 2005

La Tigre e la neve soundtrack

The soundtrack of the Roberto Begnini movie La tigre e la neve is now listed on and should be available after December 23. No tracklist details, but the Italian internet bookshop lists four different versions of the new Tom Waits song You can never hold back spring: apart from the 'regular' version, there's also a 'sarongi & vox' version, another one with 'piano & vox' and an instrumental version.


Anonymous said...

Anyone listen to the samples on that IBS page?

Thematically, it sort of reminds of some of the balladry on The Black Rider (Briar & the Rose, especially). The instrumental version really reminds me of the lush orchestral accompaniment on Alice.


Anonymous said...

The instrumental one sounded very Fawn-esque to me. It definitely sounds like a song from the Alice era, and not the newer stuff.