Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dime Store Novel on Amazon

First, there was the Classic interview, and now has another rarity on offer: Dime Store Novel. No details are provided, so there's no telling what there's actually on this $16.98 disc.

According to The Tom Waits Supplement, there was a release called Dime Store Novels - Vol. 1 by MC Music Ltd. under license from Rennaisance Records in 2001. But this recording of the performance at Ebbet's Field in October 8, 1974 was pulled after Fifth Floor Music (who owns the copyright) took legal actions against NMC Music/ Burning Airlines.


Anonymous said...


Big fan of Tom and check your page regularly. Thanks for the great work.

I purchased the Live at Ebbetts Field CD in Paris a few years ago and am happy to confirm what is on the disc.

Contains 13 tracks.

Track listing:
I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You
San Diego Serenade
Good Night Loving Trail
Diamonds on my Windshield
Ice Cream Man
Please Call me Baby
Better Off without a Wife
The Ghost of Saturday night
Big Joe & Phantom 309
On a Foggy Night


Anonymous said...

I have the original cd of dime store novel, i have purchased it in spain two or three years ago.It´s an unofficial release but it´s better in sound that big time.

Anonymous said...

I have this CD, too (at least the one with Zev's track list). I hate to say it, but I thought the renditions were the worst I've ever heard Tom record. They do have some entertainment value, though, because he sounds like he's three sheets to the wind!

Anonymous said...

I picked up Dime Store Novels in the bay Area at a C.D. warehouse. grat album...althought the recording is sub-par, he tells a great joke about two hobos.

Anonymous said...

Agree, not well recorded. But worth it for the unaccompanied spoken word/beat version of Diamonds on My Windshield.