Friday, January 20, 2006

Reaction to the Audi VW ruling

The New York Times has a story about the Spanish court case. Some quotes from the brief telephone interview with Mr. Waits:
"It does take a tremendous amount of time, energy and money" to pursue these cases, Mr. Waits said from his home in Northern California. "But in a way," he added, "you're building a road that other people will drive on. I have a moral right to my voice. It's like property - there's a fence around it, in a way."
"It's part of an artist's odyssey discovering your own voice and struggling to find the combination of qualities that makes you unique. It's kind of like your face, your identity. Now I've got these unscrupulous doppelgängers out there - my evil twin who is undermining every move I make."
"I don't mind if someone wants to try to sound like me to do a show. I get a kick out of that."
"I make a distinction between people who use the voice as a creative item and people who are selling cigarettes and underwear. It's a big difference. We all know the difference. And it's stealing. They get a lot out of standing next to me, and I just get big legal bills."

Mr. Waits is to receive €36.000 for copyright infringement and an additional €30.000 for violation of his ,,moral rights'' as an artist.

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Anonymous said...

i'm glad he's makin em pay. it's comforting to know theres at least one entertainer out there who won't become a whore for the marketing industry.