Monday, April 03, 2006

Mojo's #21

Readers of British music magazine Mojo have voted Mule Variations as one of the greatest albums since October 1993 (the date when the first issue was publisehd). MV came in at #21.

Mojo's description:
That Waits' first, post-Island release appeared on indie-punk imprint Epitaph says much about the then 49-year-old's cussedness. Co-written with spouse Kathleen Brennan, it's a veritable Jimmy Stewart of an album - by turns irascible (Big In Japan), sentimental (The House Where Nobody Lives) and life-affirming (Come On Up To The House). An amalgam of Swordfishtrombones' eccentric clamour, Rain Dogs' blurry songcraft and Bone Machine's weather-beaten grotesques, it's Waits' most complete long-player
to date.


Billy Vidrine said...

I have kinda mixed feelingas about this album. Don't get me wrong, I love it dearly. But it feels almost like a greatest hits package of new songs rather than a new album from Tom Waits. Look at the transitions between Foreign Affairs, Heartattack and Vine, Swordfishtombones, Rain Dogs, Franks Wild Years and Bone Machine. They all feel radically different to each other, while Mule Variations seems more like a stroll through previous work and attempts to recreate them in one album. I could be way off base here, it's just the way a feel. And I do love the album. I just listen to the others more often.

Anonymous said...

It's almost impossible for me to criticize any of his records, nearly everyone is a masterpeice. but it does, in many ways, feel less comprehensive than the albums that preceded and followed it.

Anonymous said...

I have to say this is one of my favourite Waits records. This is the one that really got me into his music even though I'd bought his stuff since Swordfishtrombones. Until Mule it never completely gelled for me. It was this record that made it all make sense.

Jamie Summers said...

Have to disagree with some comments here. Although at first I probably agreed with them, I think repeated listenings prove MV to be one of his best. I honestly love just about every song, and the same can't be said for Real Gone...or Blue Valentine, Foreign Affairs, Heartattack...all of which have a few songs I could really do without.

Anonymous said...

I am a brazilian woman who really loves tow waits and Mule variation is very good. Chocolate jesus is a marterpiece as a lot of his work. Her ears must be something amazing, because he consideres every sound
It's poetry. And the best