Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No Waits on first Sea Songs & Chanteys

First, there was the news that Tom Waits would contribute to Sea Songs & Chanteys, then it became more and more doubtful and now, announces a tracklist of Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys without any mention of a Waits track.

According to this message, the two disc set (43 songs) was produced by Hal Willner and is due out on August 22 via Anti-. Contributors include Bono, Sting and Lou Reed.

Maybe we'll have more luck next year, because another message on claims this project is set for two separate double CD's, the second one scheduled for release in the spring of 2007.


Caroline said...

I haven't got any background info on why Waits isn't on the album. Perhaps he hadn't agreed to do it yet when we announced it on I don't know whether he actually *recorded* anything.

There are a further 17 tracks available, making the extra CD for next year a possibility (also mentioned in today's Billboard report.)

Anonymous said...

As of the 16th May he had not recorded any track for it. I don't know if he has done anything since but I doubt it.
The cd looks good. Might well buy myself a copy.

(It's a small world on the internet. I believe we have exchanged posts on the froots boards as well)

Anonymous said...

If you were to think of just one artist who'd seem to be a cert for this kind of project it would surely be Waits. It looks damn good actually, but Tom is nevertheless conspicuous by his absence.

Jim 'Pod' Williams