Sunday, July 16, 2006

Memphis ticket giveaway

If you missed out on getting tickets or couldn't afford any, there is a contest to win a free ticket to the Tom Waits show in Memphis here.


Anonymous said...

Is this strictly open to those who have zero tickets?
and are multiple entries allowed?
great contest by the way.

SarahV said...

Well, obviously you can't use two tickets yourself, but if you have a friend you want to bring to the show I don't think the contest would forbid that... of course if you SOLD the ticket you might get yourself in a wee bit of trouble.

Not sure about multiple entries, you'd have to ask Mr. Wacko about that. If he doesn't stop by here you could ask on his blog.

Anonymous said...

ah. well I meant having tickets for another show (Detroit). But obviously would be interested in seeing another.

Well I think one should be enough, even if you have multiple entries it would be the best one that wins, so may as well just submit that one.

Billy Vidrine said...

Well, I sent my story in. Hope you enjoy it. It's about popularity.