Monday, August 21, 2006


A new Old Grey Whistle Test dvd release includes Tom Waits' 1977 performance of Tom Traubert's Blues. This 3 disc box is scheduled for release on August 29. It's not listed in the BBC Shop yet, but it is available on lists a Tom Waits dvd, scheduled for release for November 6. No further details are available, but as this is the only source for a new release, it seems highly unlikely this will be an "official" item.



am i the only person who wants a DVD collection of tom waits music videos over the years? just trolling around on youtube, i am struck at the man's prolific video making career. he's had videos directed by jarmusch and wexler, as well as some stunning new ones (like god's away on business.)

i've dug around this site and the other comprehensive waits site, and haven't found a definitive list of his music videos. anyone have any info?

The guy with the glasses said...

Don't know of any list but I know somebody who works at - I'll see if they can give me any further info on this

Anonymous said...

The three discs are brilliant, with Tom's track a stand out. I remember the later bands included first time around. The show was way ahead of its time and was a clear inspiration for just about every live music show since. Worth getting for Tom alone. I agree with other posts when will there be nan anthology of film clips? It wont be long until someone else pastes all these videos together and sells them.

JensdePens said...


I have many music video's of Tom. All of them downloaded and they all have very good quality.
I would buy the DVD immediatly but I think I pretty much have every music video he made.

Anonymous said...

I miss the black background!

Anonymous said...

This performance is already available on the first single dvd of Old Grey Whistle Test (released a few years ago) and is well worth getting for TW and all the artists. The new 3-dvd box just packages together the first two already out there with the newly released "Volume 3".

Anonymous said...

I like the new grey background! Much easier on my eyes.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for the black background.

Mahood said...

Is there a vote? Well my vote is also for the black background!

Anonymous said...

Another vote for the black background, if such a poll exists.


what about a pink background? or maybe red? like the red high heeled pump waits wears in the "i don't wanna grow up" video!

let's mix it up a little! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Grey, has to be grey

juneskeats said...

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