Monday, August 28, 2006

German translation of Wild years

Jay S. Jacobs' Tom Waits biography Wild years: the music and myth of Tom Waits will be translated into German by Houdini Nation. This edition is to be illustrated by a The release is scheduled for December.

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HoudiniNation said...

Just a little more detail, if I may:

Three years back me and my colleagues at Stagecraft Entertainment thought about translating the book as a follow up to our production of a Frank Zappa Musical (Thing-Fish) in London in 2003.

But the project "Tom Waits" never came to being. So at the beginning of this year I decided to ask whether the german rights to Jacobs book were still available. They were and I bought them.

And now I'm translating it and it will be published by the publishing house we're currently setting up, called Stagecraft Entertainment Publishing ( which is out of date)

Why am I investing the money and time to do it? Because I really like the music of Tom Waits and because I think that "Wild Years" should be accessible for all the german-speaking fans who don't understad enough english to read the original.

Not having enough budget on hand to license the photos published in the original, we have asked Jurgen ( to illustrate the book and I'm very excited that he will do it.

This is my first book-project and I'm very excited and thankful that we as a company are allowed to start with this book.