Thursday, August 31, 2006

Statue without a butt

This is the ,,statue without a butt'' that Tom Waits referred to in the Atlanta performance. The sculpture was created by Mark Smith and is actually Emerging.

The picture and info were kindly provided by Victor.


Cracker said...

Anybody care to fill the rest of us in on what Waits' comments were?

shango said...

He Said something about this statue
at the Atlanta show.However I did not get the whole joke because some extreemly polite fellow behind me thought it would be wise to scream whenever there was not music playing.Tom remarked on this polite person as well as some others with something like " Now folks, if we all talk at the same time...." Or something along those lines.

Unknown said...

He said that when he was hanging out in Atlanta, he saw this statue without a butt and that he figured that there must be a statue of just a butt somewhere in Atlanta.