Sunday, September 24, 2006

Straydogs Party

Just a reminder: the annual Straydogs Party in Austin Texas is coming up (Oct. 5-8).


Wiolshit said...
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Bum Mahoney said...

since when has this comments page turned into bullshit poetry page?

musashi said...

I remember going to the old Waitstock party in Poughkeepsie (sp?) New York. That was a heck of a good time.

Hey juneskeats, stop writing. You are terrible at it. Or at least put it where someone cares.

juneskeats said...

the eye is ranging white(you really think so)

do not compel my woe of endow
starry drunk twain judges
the voices on the breaching flowers
of penitence that smile and seek divine
the bellow springs the deadly unbeheld
sleeping undercover with hazel shells
do the stray of the ivory eye and see how stupit you are