Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Daily show performance

Tom Waits appeared on the Daily Show yesterday and performed Day after tomorrow. Clips can be seen at the show's site: clip 1, clip 2 (interview) and clip 3 (the song).

UPDATE: The third clip now shows the entire song.


Groundcat said...

It was a blasphemy of epic proportions to cut off that song. What a great performance! You know that %$#! Comedy Central has the footage; why not put it online?!! Personally, I enjoyed Tom's stories more on Letterman, but Stewart was obviously a fan and it was nice to see him gush over Tom.

Andrea said...

i saw the re-run and i think john was in
utter awe of tom's cool ass.

although i missed letterman due to sleep,
i enjoyed catching the daily show "interview".

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice some redness at the side of Tom's right eye? It looked like an open wound maybe from the bathroom explosion before the show. I looked at the Letterman vid and it wasn't there (the night before). What do ya think?

Wiolshit said...

I have the same opinion as your on this link

Best ever to me: story, mood, performance...
(OK... maybe a little too clean)

Wiolshit said...

I always thought it would be so, but I prefer this live version to the studio. Maybe because I am not American, but the lyrics are really meaningfull.