Monday, November 13, 2006

VPRO radio interview

Dutch radio station VPRO has an interview with Tom Waits by Jaap Boots on its site: there's a 32 minute audio file available or a (Dutch) transcript.

Boots will also dedicate a three-hour show to Orphans and other Waits material this Saturday (9 p.m. local time). Expect a lot of music and interviews with amongst others Pieter Hartman (the man behind the TW Supplement Library), Kees Lau (the other man behind the Library) and yours truly.


Dr Pod said...

Great interview, with both interviewer and interviewee relaxed enough to allow a more thoughtful take on Waits's music to seep through. Nice one, Jaap.

Mahood said...

Well observed DrPod; when Tom spots a rubbish interviewer (and there's been plenty of them), he seems to switch off and sounds bored. Here he comes to life. Worth a listen.