Tuesday, April 22, 2008


A lot of my readers ask me if there is some sort of email alert with news from the Eyeball Kid. Well, there isn't. But to spread the good word, I've now tried to install a Twitter account with an automatic RSS-feed from the blog.

So, if everything works out fine, you should be able to follow the news at twitter.com/eyeballkidnews. And for all you news junkies out there, the good news is you can get Twitter updates on your mobile phone as well.

UPDATE (April 24): I've now installed an email alert service.


R said...

But this blog already has a RSS feed, right? I don't get the utility of the twitter thing

Congratulations for your page


The Eyeball Kid said...

R, of course you're right. But Twitter does allow you to get updates on your mobile phone or IM client - so some people might benefit from this.

And as it all happens automatically, I don't have to do anything extra - which is nice for me.

mimi said...

yes i have you on my rss feed already, eagerly waiting to see this headline appear on your blog: TOUR CONFIRMED

(none of the scarlet crap please *looks away*)