Monday, July 14, 2008

Barcelona setlist (first night)

Forum, Barcelona, Spain
July 14, 2008

Finally, the confirmed set list:
Way Down In The Hole
Falling Down
Jockey Full of Bourbon
All the World is Green
The Other Side of the World
God's Away On Business
Metropolitan Glide
Sins of My Father
Hang Down Your Head
You Can Never Hold Back Spring
On The Nickel
Johnsburg, Illinois
Innocent When You Dream
Lie To Me
Clap Hands
Lucky Day
Hoist That Rag
Dirt In The Ground
Make It Rain
Come On Up To The House
Day After Tomorrow



Malicia Cool said...

Hallo!! I´m very grateful to this page ´cos thanks to you I´ve been able to rebuild Donostia-San Sebastián setlist!!

We enjoyed the gig inmensly! We´d been DECADES waiting for him here in Spain, the place where his fans are probably the most fierce and passionate!!!!

Lots of luck & love,

Alicia XX

Malicia Cool said...

by the way, I´ve also written a thorough review in my blog (but in Spanish); just click on me!!


bitxuverinosa said...

sorry, i never write down setlists, but here's a first attempt according to the reviews and what I can remember. feel free to correct:

Lucinda / Ain’t going down
Down in the hole
Falling down
Jockey full of bourbon
All the world is green
On the other side of the world
God’s away on business
Metropolitan glide
Sins of my father
Lie to Me
Hang down your head
Rain dogs

You can never hold back spring
On the nickel
Johnsburg Illinois
Innocent when you dream

Clap Hands
Lucky day
Hoist that rag
Dirt in the ground
Make it rain

Come on up to the house
Day after tomorrow

The Book Of Mikey said...

I've taken seven years of Spanish one, so I'm no dummy.
I gathered the following from the great review posted here.

"Tom Waits en estado puro"

This is local vernacular for, 'TOM WAITS ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!"


"¿Es Tom Waits Dios?"

Is Tom Waits God?

After Rain dogs, Swordfishtrombones and Alice. I find no fault with this statement.


A renglón seguido, en uno de los momentos más esperados de la noche, otro anticlímax: el tipo se pone a tocar 'Innocent when you dream' y le pide al gentío que le acompañe. La respuesta del público es, cuanto menos, extraña. Cuanto más, ridícula.

TO the first row in one of the more hopeful moments of the night, another anticlimax. The dude p layed, 'Innocent when you dream' and the crowd sang along. Tom then said this show would be better than the Dublin show. As the Knoxville show was. Also that dublin will be where he unveils his versions of 'Row Row your boat" and "Michael Row the boat ashore"

But again, I took spanish for seven years, so I might have missed some things.

PeF said...

Seems to me that the fellow who wrote the review was disappointed with Mr. Waits because he wasn't singing or playing as in the records. I'd recommend that the reporter would go and see Mr. Waits' albums playing, not Mr. Waits himself.
(what's the surprise??? Waits has been reinventing his songs live since he started his career)
Seems to my like a ticket misused..

katrin said...

Hello, the review posted is completely irrelevant, the "reporter" has no idea of what he is talking about.
The barcelona concert was the best thing I have seen live.
Thank god that I am going to Milan as well to see him once more...

bitxuverinosa said...

hi henk,

this is the setlist for the first night in barcelona (14 july).

I'll try to send you yesterday's setlist later

yesterday he did a much, much, much better show

first night in barcelona was a very good gig, but it was weak for tom waits' standards

Unknown said...

Great Show. Just listen to it..

... said...

Hi - I can't get the Rapidshare links to work... Are they still active?

I'd love to listen to the show...