Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog note

I'm leaving for Dublin tomorrow morning, so don't expect any updates for a few days.


Jollymon said...


Have a GREAT TRIP & thanks again from all of us for this wonderful blog.

Can't wait to hear everyone's "stories from the tent".

Jordi V. Pou said...

I Hope you enjoy at least as much as I did in Barcelona.

Thanks for your great work.

I encourage mister Waits, if he is reading this blog, to offer you some kind of especial attention or recognition , maybe a personal meeting or mentioning your blog during the show in Dublin.


"I'm a true Believer"

antipode said...

Thanks for your dedication to this blog EK, 'tis a lifeline for all us raindogs...salud!

Anonymous said...

Well Eyeball Kid, even though you're very small you've made a big impression on us all. Enjoy your time in Dublin - if you meet the big guy ask him to play Ruby's Arms for me

Dr Pod said...

Have a good one, sir! In the meantime, folks, here's an advance preview of the as yet unreleased Southside Johnny album, 'Grapefruit Moon': 'Walk Away', a duet with Waits himself:


The file's available for 7 days.

Olavo Lüpia said...

COngratulations on all your excellent work, here at "Eyeball Kid".
I guess I'll see you in Dublin...

Unknown said...

I'm leaving in 5hrs (about 4.30ish in the very-am) for my flight.
So I should be asleep at the moment, and not reading reviews and becoming increasingly excited.
Oh well :D

jerseyraindog said...

Enjoy Eyeball Kid!

Chris said...

Have a great time and thank you!

ichiaye said...

Dublin welcomes you with wide open arms Eyeballkid. Thanks for helping make glitter and doom so special for myself and my Dublin friends! Oh Constellation Aradmus, we do thee adore. x

chrissie said...

Eyeball, enjoy yourself, you really deserve it!
I hope the volume will be a little louder, than in Milano on the 19th.

sharona said...

to everyone heading to the big tent - have a great time - I hope he does your favourite song - see you there!!! I'm so excited I could just burst!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Thanks for all the work you've done, and I must say this blog is better than any other I've seen regarding a fan base for any professional recording musicians.
I'll assume you'll know where to go if you've been to Dublin before, so have a pint of the dark one at Davey Byre's, and enjoy the show or shows. Perhaps Tom will sing "Eyeball Kid."
I look forward to your future work in posting the whereabouts of when Waits will play again, but he's due some rest time now that the tours coming to and end. I'd like to thank him for getting out there in public to play his music on this tour, and for the performance in St. Louis some weeks back.

DublinRambler said...

My sister phoned me from the Dublin gig while "gods away on business" was being played....sounded great. She did'nt speak simply rand,i answered and listened,thousands of miles away....anyhow,apparently a STELLAR show from Tom and the band.

No set-list but he DID play(in no particular order) "eyeball kid" "tom trauberts blues" and finished the final encore with "time".

Also said the rat cellar is like a 3 ring circus, REALLY cool, and Tom was shaking a lot of hands at the end of the gig. I had'nt heard of this kind of thing before.

Also they were selling Alice, Blood Money and Mule Variations on vinyl....as well as the plain t-shirts.

And outside the bootleggers made their money selling bootleg t-shirts which are apparently very nice! glitter and doom poster on the front and the Dublin dates on the back.

Ms Dobbyn said...

Great, great gig :)
Beautiful venue - it looked and sounded great....and what a showman - for someone so reluctant to do interviews he really knows how to work a crowd.

The banter while he was at the piano was hilarious....and Tom Traubet's Blues sent chills down my spine--was not expecting it.

Who else enjoyed 'Make it Rain' with a thunderous downpour going on outside?!

Boo to Phoenix Park for keeping so many gates closed though--took me an hour once the gig was over to get the car out the front gate--and it was raining torrentially....not cool.

Phil said...
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful gig in Dublin last night. The rain was thundering down like a round of constant applause while Tom worked his magic with a crowd that were reticent during the songs but rapturous with ovation at the end of each and every one. The showman that is Tom Waits even shook hands with the lucky front row fans on the way out and again after the encore during which someone threw confetti in the air and Toms face lit up like a christmas tree. He gave us all a night to remember for a very long time - thanks an edna million Tom and thanks too to the promotors and the fans for a great night had by all.

Burntfaced Jake said...

Great show in Dublin yesterday. I hope they managed to fix the leak in the tent as people who have paid a lot of money for a ticket will be getting a free shower as well

Marcheen said...

Hands down the best gig I have ever been to. Leonard Cohen in Kilmainham Jail just last month was pretty damn special, but last night's performance was truly spectacular. I went to see him in Barcelona too but I have to say the gig in the Ratcellar was superior, it was also more theatrical & he engaged more with the audience - he used all the same tricks and it followed pretty much the same structure ...the set list personally last night was right up my street... I honestly could not believe my ears when he sat down at the piano and trickled off the opening notes to Tom Trauberts Blues ...I was stunned and what a goregous version he did. Amazing. The guy sitting beside me claimed to seen Tom perform 8 times and never heard him play this song live. And then to follow it shortly afterwards with Postcard from... There was a bit of a dodgy start to Lie to Me where Casey and Seth were caught napping, Tom turned around and muttered something but they pulled it together quickly to fill the gap with the big sound that song requires. The set overall was fantasic, an excellent balance of old and new. Personally I was hoping he would play more new stuff as I have been listening to Orphans a good bit and am really enjoying it and am totally fasinated by how much quality material is in there and the range ...from rootsy Blues ballads to bedtime stories - I love them all (..some more than others). But its astounding that he is STILL so productive after 30 years or more. One of the (many) highlights of the gig was Tom's spectacular performance of the Eyeball Kid!! He wore a bowler hat which sparkled like a discoball.. it reflected rays of light throughout the entire tent ...very appropriate! Genius

hoistthatrag.com said...

Wow, Dublin sounds like a great ending to a very special month and a half of shows. Can anyone verify if they seem to be filming the shows in Dublin? Seems like with it being a "tent" ala Cirque du Soleil, that this would be an ideal setting for filming/recording the concert performance of Tom and the G-and-D Band in action! It would be a shame if this tour wasn't filmed in any way. At least we got Atlanta (and to be honest that should have been filmed as well, what a great night!!!).


sfy said...
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rojito said...


On Wednesday nights show, there were some small, fixed position cameras on a pillar behind my seat. Unfortunately, there were no more in or around the stage that I could see.

DublinRambler said...

Dublin,July 30th 2008, Set-list

Lucinda / Ain’t Goin’ Down to the Well
Falling Down
On the Other Side of the World
I’ll Shoot the Moon
Cemetery Polka
Get Behind the Mule
Cold Cold Ground
Circus / Tabletop Joe
God’s Away on Business
Tom Traubert’s Blues
On the Nickel
Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minnneapolis
House Where Nobody Lives (false start)
Innocent When You Dream
Lie to Me
Hoist that Rag
Bottom of the World
Green Grass
Way Down in the Hole
Metropolitan Glide
Dirt in the Ground
Make it Rain
Jesus Gonna Be Here
Eyeball Kid

DublinRambler said...

Dublin, July 31st, Set-List

Lucinda-Ain’t Going Down To The Well (medley)
Way Down In The Hole
Come On Up To The House
Lost At The Bottom Of The World
Jockey Full Of Bourbon
Chocolate Jesus
Misery Is The River Of The World
Picture In A Frame
Tango Till They’re Sore
Invitation To The Blues
The House Where Nobody Lives
Innocent When You Dream
Lie To Me
16 Shells From a 30.6
9th And Hennepin
Blackmarket Baby
Trampled Rose
Hoist That Rag
All The World Is Green
Hang Down Your Head
Rain Dogs
Make It Rain

Heart Attack & Vine
Hold On

hoistthatrag.com said...


Thanks for your note on the cameras. Lets hope there are some more cameras hidden, or they're being rolled out for tonight!

---Sven Lingus

herge65 said...

Re the filming...the cameras seem to have been a mixture of maybe HDV, DVCAM and MiniDV. These are not usual for recording commercial releases. Plus they are mostly unmanned. I could be wrong but I doubt it is for any kind of release. Plus I believe Tom records most, if not all, of his gigs for archive purposes. I would love to see a release as a live DVD is long overdue...but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Anonymous said...

'Eyeball Kid' many thanks for your heroic work over the course of the Glitter & Doom tour! Seriously cool stuff!

Don't know if you answer queries but,
did I hear a snippet of 'Russian Dance' at Thursdays gig in Dublin?

Anyway, the time and effort you have devoted to this blog is much appreciated. You rock!

digression said...

It's a real shame if they don't release a live DVD of this tour. Unless Tom Waits himself for some reason don't want to film the tour, there's no reason why Anti & co should't make an effort to get a new live DVD. I do not see why they can't put some money into this thing. A lot of people haven't had the opportunity to attend the shows.

Jugding from the two Dublin shows I've seen, Tom and the band seem to be in top form for the tour.

ed: Yes, they put Russian Dance together with Raindogs

Miko said...

July 30th...The single best performance i have ever witnessed. That man can seriously move!
So much energy, originality.
Tom trauberts Blues sounded as it did 32 years ago. Hearing him play Christmas Card was incredible. The band - as tight as a ducks ass. The drummer amazing! Disco ball hat. His infamous off the wall anecdotes - 3 frogs in his belly, the private enterprise that is The Lost Baggage Centre and an urang-a-tang named Tripod! Such a surreal experience. Unforgettable. Worth every penny.

Cheers Tom.

One of your younger fans.

Anonymous said...

Peter Solberg: Cheers for that! I didn't see it in the setlist above and was beginning to question my version of events (which is kind of scary given that it was the highlight of the gig for me). Thanks again!

digression said...
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digression said...
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digression said...

ed: you're welcome. I was happy to hear Russian Dance. And it fitted so well together with Raindogs. It could've been longer though. Yes, I know, I'm never pleased.

Mahood said...

The setlist mentioned earlier for Dublin, July 31st- is that the correct song order? (seem to remember it differently) Also Raindogs was mixed with Russian Dance.