Monday, May 04, 2009

A new video in the works?

A student of the College of Santa Fe, NM, has let me know Tom Waits has been seen around campus on several occasions the past few days.

I usually don't report any 'sightings', but according to some of the people over there, Waits is filming what is assumed to be a music video. An assumption made because the college has one of the state's few sound stages and no one seem aware of any feature lenght film being shot on campus.


The Book Of Mikey said...

With any luck it is a video for "Army Ants" off of "Bastards". from the lyrics, which may point to this collegiate setting.

"And as we discussed last semester, the Army Ants will leave nothing but your bones.
Perhaps you've encountered some of these insects in your communities, displaying both their predatory and defense characteristics, while imbedded within the walls of flesh and passing for, what is most commonly recognized... as human"


surfraptor said...

interesting news!

Unknown said...

I wish I was a student of Santa Fe :)

Good News:)

Unknown said...

what about the rumours regarding the new album...a video for the new album perhaps?

sfy said...
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Unknown said...

another rumor has it that they are filming Book of Eli. According to IMDB Tom Waits plays the "Engineer"