Monday, August 10, 2009

Tom Waits - The Document update

Some more info about the dvd Tom Waits - The Document I reported earlier on: in answer to the question if this release consisted of the previoulsy released two Under Review dvd's (1971-1982   and 1983-2006) and the Classic Interview cd in one collection, publishers Chrome Dreams stated it consists of the Under Review 1971-1982 dvd plus "a new interview disc".

(thanks to Jim for the info) 


Dr Pod said...

Having found out that there's a new interview disc, I may well pick it up.

camtosh said...

Interview with who, though? Tom Waits or all those writers who like to talk about Tom Waits??

Chip Hibernators said...

I listened to the interview disc, and for a diehard Waits fan it's worth getting for the first 20-minute Closing Time interview alone. The rest are mostly from TV shows, including four from his Letterman appearances and are available elsewhere. However, the Closing Time interview is very interesting--Tom has a very different demeanor and responds to questions in a straightforward manner, which is unusual for him.