Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tom Waits The Document

The Chrome Dreams website lists Tom Waits The Document, a two disc sets featuring one disc of "exclusive interviews" and one DVD disc featuring a documentary with "rare footage, video interviews and contributions from (his) closest associates". Price: £9,99 (excl. delivery costs). 
This 2 Disc set celebrates the incredible career of Waits, via a superb 100 minute DVD documentary film about the man and his work, and a 65 minute interview disc featuring never previously released recordings, during which he shows himself to be a raconteur of quality and one of the sharpest brains in showbusiness.
It's worth noting Chrome Dreams previously released the Under Review dvd's (1971-1982 and 1983-2006) and the The Classic Interview cd back in 2005 but there is no indication about how different the new material might be.

No word about the UK relesase date either, but Amazon  sets the US release date at September 15th.

UPDATE (Aug. 6): the British Video Association  has the release as September 28th in the UK and (same release date) will do a pre-order for €10,49 (£7.99) free delivery.


Anonymous said...

if anyone knows anything about this, or gains knowledge somehow, please let us know. it seems like it's just the classic interviews cd and the under reviews dvd collected. but please let us know.

Dr Pod said...

I think we can say with some certainty that this is the previous releases collected together. They've ignored previous e-mails of mine, but I shall try again. Maybe some more of you could ask for confirmation?

Dr Pod said...

Got the following message from Josh at Chrome Dreams re: Tom Waits: The Document

Hello Jim,

Thank you for your email. Actually Tom Waits - The Document contains the following:

Tom Waits - Under Review 1971 - 1982 plus a new interview disc

Best Regards,