Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kellesimone Waits' exposition opening

I usually don't bring you news or pictures about the Waits family, because in general this has nothing to do with the work of Mr. Waits and might be considered an invasion of privacy. However, I would like to make a small exception for some news about a gallery opening featuring work by his daughter Kellesimone and Tiffany Trenda as this event was widely publicised.

The opening of 'Power Plays' at Frank Pictures Gallery in Santa Monica, California last week was attended by the Waits family and pictures can be seen on Wireimage Life and Depp Impact.

Some of the other beautiful people attending were Harry Dean Stanton, Johnny Depp, Rebecca de Mornay and Tim Robbins.

(Thanks to all the people who pointed this out - you know who you are)

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Dr Pod said...

Wow! Fabulous work. Kellesimone's artistic statement is also fascinating and illuminating.