Monday, July 26, 2010

The essential interviews on is showing the following item as being available to buy since early June: Tom Waits: The Essential Interviews by Jimmy Jupiter. The 196 page paperback publication costs 14,72 euro, but you can also download a pdf version at 8,16 euro.

I have no idea about the exact contents, but Jarlath - one of my trusted collaborators - has done some digging and came up with a list of what might ("might"!) be the list of articles used for this publication:

Music World June 1973
Tom Waits - Thursday Afternoon, Sober as a Judge written by Jeff Walker.

Time Out 1976
Tom Waits: A Seventies Storyteller With Fifties Beat Style By Mick Houghton

Los Angeles Times, 14 March 1976
Tom Waits: Personality Without Pretension By Richard Cromelin

New Musical Express (UK), by June 5, 1976
Tom Waits: Would You Say This Man Was Attempting To Convey An Impression Of Sordid Bohemianism by Fred Dellar

Warm Beer, Cold Women – not sure what interview this is – 1976

Melody Maker, 29 April 1978
Tom Waits: Guess You're Waits by Colin Irwin

Los Angeles Times by January 20, 1980
Tom Waits Does New York Shuffle by Richard Cromelin

The Guardian March, 1981
He's A Coppola Swell by Mick Brown

Smash Hits March 18, 1981
Tom Waits: Waits And Double Measure by Johnny Black

New Musical Express March 28, 1981
Tom Waits: The Beat Buff Speed Poet Home Booze Hayseed by Ian Penman.

Sounds magazine November 5, 1983
Swordfish Out Of Water: Tom Waits by Edwin Pouncey

You magazine 1985
Tom Waits: The Sultan Of Sleaze by Peter Silverton

New Musical Express May 25 1985
The Marlowe Of The Ivories by Barney Hoskyns.

NME, 19 October 1985
Tom Waits: Hard Rain by Gavin Martin

Sounds magazine October 19, 1985
Subterranean Low-Life Blues by Chris Roberts.

Spin, November 1985
Tom Waits for No Man Interview by Glenn O'Brien

Beat, March 1986
Waits Happening Interview by Peter Silverton

Creem, January 1988
Town Crier Interview by Bill Holdship

A Conversation - not sure what interview this is

The Guardian. September 15, 1992
A Mellower Prince Of Melancholy by Adam Sweeting

VOX October, 1992
The Lie In Waits Interview by Peter Silverton

Mojo, April 1999
What's He Building In There? An Interview with Tom Waits by Barney Hoskyns

Telegraph Magazine: April 10, 1999
Tom Waits, Hobo Sapiens by Mick Brown

Uncut, June 2002
Everything Goes To Hell by Gavin Martin

Los Angeles Times, September 2004.
A Cluttered Harmony Interview by Richard Cromelin

Mojo Magazine September, 2004
Tom Waits Speaks by Sylvie Simmons

San Francisco Chronicle, October 2004
Barroom Bard's Next Round Interview by Joel Selvin

The Times October 22, 2004
Tom Waits: Well Worth the Waits by David Sinclair

Harp, December 2006 (though the contents shows this as 2004
Tom Waits: Weird Science by Mark Kemp

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Dr Pod said...

Not 'might' - it IS the list of articles. What is in question is the publications from whence said articles originate.