Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee

Tom Waits is one of the 2011 inductees in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.

The induction ceremony in New York City will take place on March 14.

Rolling Stone has a reaction from Tom Waits:
"I am still recovering," he said in a statement. "I never really cared about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...but now I am surprised to discover how much I DO care. I'm wondering if I did something wrong?" Waits exclusively tells Rolling Stone that his thoughts turned to his mother, who died this year, when he got the call. "I wish she was alive to hear the news," he says. "She didn't respond to rock and roll per se, but she would have loved to have a reason to get all dolled up...and...the idea of having a Waldorf salad AT the Waldorf Astoria, would for her have been the cat's pajamas. Actually, my mom made a pretty mean Waldorf herself!"


Sweeteyes said...

Congrats Tom and Kathleen (sounds like Mr Waits is actually pleased)

boboquisp said...

Going in with Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond and Dr. John. Not bad company for Mr. Waits. I hope they all jam together on School's Out and Sweet Caroline!

sweetbittertart said...

So awesome. Does anyone know if there is any way to obtain tickets to the induction ceremony? Thanks!

Fang Bastardson said...

I'd really love to hear Tom and Diamond sing a song of each other's at the big event. Tom could do a devastating "Glory Road," and perhaps Diamond could do "Hold On?" Maybe "Diamond In Your Mind"...?

gerry said...

Although my feelings towards the "Rock 'n Roll Hall Of Fame" are mixed (remember Sex Pistols induction?) I cannot help but take my hat off to Mr Waits because I think he deserves EVERY award there is in music business as well as in movies!
Kudos to Tom.