Friday, January 07, 2011

Red vinyl problems

ANTI states there are 'some audio problems with a select number of the red vinyl Tom Waits albums'. Those affected can report this at by sending a message with order number and your issue. In return you should receive 'a brand new quality assured record'.


Jen said...

We got the mule variation release on vinyl, 180 gram, really beautiful edition, except we got 2 of the same album. There should have been an album A & B, but we got 2 As.

Does that make sense?

We tried to return it, but there were no more copies so the record store tried to contact anti. No response. They tried for weeks & we even tried emailing.

We ended up getting a refund from the record store. They said anti were not helpful at all.

Which is too bad, because we were so excited to buy the double album on "record store day" in 2010.

Black Swede said...

I had a case of damaged inner sleeves for both the "Orphans" vinyl boxed set and "Glitter And Doom" double LP that I bought from the European online store of the official website. One of the picture sleeves for the "Orphans" boxed set had a minor seam split and both of the printed inner sleeves for "Glitter And Doom" had major seam splits.

To rectify this, I contacted Anti Records directly via e-mail. My e-mail was read by an executive of sorts in the US who in turn sent the message forward to the person in charge of the Anti Records storage in the Netherlands.

In my case, they were both very helpful and considerate. They apologised for the damage and sent me replacement sleeves straight away via courier mail, so I got my replacements in 24 hours. No problems there.