Friday, March 04, 2011

NPR broadcasts

Record company Anti reports NPR show Fresh Air will be rebroadcasting Terry Gross’ interview with Tom Waits "tomorrow". The announcement was posted on Thursday, so I guess the broadcast wil take place on Friday - i.e. today. The audio will also be posted at the NPR site.

I am not sure which interview is, but if it is the 2002 broadcast, you can listen to it right now in the NPR archives. You can also listen to David C. Barnett's look "behind the persona" of Waits on the NPR website.

Anti also mentions an upcoming story on Tom Waits in this Sunday’s New York Time’s Magazine. The NY Times website already has a nice picture of Robert Franks shooting Tom Waits and the story behind this 1985 photo shoot.


Anders Mikkelsen said...

So the picture on the back of Rain dogs is constructed by the Robert Frank picture joined with another picture?

Anders Mikkelsen said...

Or did they switch positions and take another photo with had the legs of the people looking?

We have a right to know!