Monday, October 17, 2011

Bad as me online

If you've got an invite, you can listen to the complete album Bad as me online until Friday If anyone has a code to spare, feel free to use the comments to share the wealth.


Ben Oliver said...

Here's one: dub-rwk3w

Dr Pod said...


Adam Selzer said...


They gave me those. Have fun!

Dr Pod said...

It sounds great so far!

Toni W said...

Help! There is no sound (the most important detail.......). It's not my machine! Is this happening to anyone else?

DavidAUM said...

Sounds great!


thomas said...


swuesquire said...

Toni W

I had the same problem, changed the browser and it worked.

harenberg said...

I don’t know, if it is such a good idea to preview the new songs. A littlebit of the magic of the moment, when one buys the album and puts it into the machine and listens to every song as a surprise is gone that way. On the other hand there is a lot to look forward to now (which is the case with a new Waits album anyway).

Kimberly said...


JJ said...


IgnatiusReilly said...


SHIMMEL said...


Toni W said...


Thanks for that advice.

Bliss-now listening to the richness of Tom's inventive musicality, his wit and vocal interpretation.

Heaven when Hell Broke Luce


sweet eyes said...

Not bad is it.?

Vesela said...

The album is ENORMOUS. The piano, ah the piano!
My only concern is how will I survive between Friday and the day the courier rings on the door.

Sanchez Boon said...

I have the code and even put it in and stared at the tracks for a while...but I think I'm gonna wait till I have the actual record. Hear, listen to it with my girl in the dark as it should be done. I can wait...maybe.

Raindog Harry said...

I love that line, hear, listen with my girl in the dark, as it should be done.

Marvellous, could be a line in a song.


Dr Pod said...


I can't get enough of it - wonderful album. As for this idea that hearing it 'too soon' will taint the experience of listening to the hard copy, it makes no sense. A release date is just that. The recording exists and it's available to listen to - now. That's all you need to know. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a hard copy no less than I was before hearing it online. After all, an album I love will sound even better.

digression said...

I always like to listen through the album as soon as possible to get alle the excitement and disappointment overwith. Then second time around I can enjoy it for what it is.

So here's my thoughts so far:

Have listened through the album four times already. Sounds a bit like a cross between Real Gone and Orphans.

Hell Broke Luce is great, as is several of the other tracks. Not a big fan of 'Last Leaf', it's the use of that 'old man's simple wisdom about life and love' kind of imagery that bothers me (he's the last leaf on the tree).

The direct reference to Jagger/Richards is risky, but I think he pulls it off quite nicely.

Overall I like it. My main criticism is that it is too tidy for a Waits album. There are contrasts here, but not nearly as many obvious shifts as on Real Gone and most of his 90s and 80s albums. It feels more like Orphans in that there's no big surprises from one song to the next.

And it seems a bit short...?

The New Year's Eve is bound to be the next singalong-track during the next tour though.

Black Swede said...

Hello, folks. I've been spending the best part of my spare time this week absorbing the album and I've come to the conclusion that it is, for all intents and purposes, one of the best albums ever made, anywhere. Read on!

"Bad As Me" is varied, both raw and sweet. The ensemble performances are consistently stunning. Marc Ribot plays a big part in this, but Tom Waits is in very strong vocal form throughout.

"Hell Broke Luce" has got to be the main talking point here as it is the musical and political version of a steam roller on a wooden floor. That's the rough end of the scale. On the opposing end of the stick there is the equally good "Kiss Me", that has to be one of the most moving pictures Tom Waits has put forth to date, all the way from its marvellously fuzzy recording sound to the impeccable duet performance of Waits and Marcus Shelby. I think that the great "Back In The Crowd" is actually the weakest track on the album.

In my opinion, many of the songs are actually "brand new" in the sense that they are unlike his previous work. Sure, there's the old division between ballads and rockers and the odd stormer, but every single song also has a distinct character of its own. A few of the songs recycle elements from Waits' back catalogue, but following a fundamentally new recipe. In fact, "Last Leaf" is a prime example of a song that doesn't seem to be leading anywhere in particular from the off, but as the track progresses, you get caught up in the narrative and the surprising turns in the arrangement and performance pull a delighted smile on your face.

As a suite of songs, "Bad As Me" is definitely the best album Tom Waits has ever made. Better than "Frank's Wild Years", stronger than "Rain Dogs" or "Bone Machine". Just put on "Kiss Me", sit back on your chair, cast your eye out of the window and you know exactly what I'm talking about. I couldn't really have asked for more from an album that has effectively been in the making for the last seven years.

Thrilled Beyond Words said...

I was sad about the preview site being taken down today...until I looked in my mail and saw the album arrived FOUR DAYS EARLY!!!! The 'deluxe' version is beautiful...great packaging, great photos, G-R-E-A-T album.

stef said...

tom waits is without any doubt the best artist on this planet earth

the album is magnificent is the artist