Friday, April 20, 2012

Down by law on Blu-ray

I don't know if this was available somewhere already, but Criterion is releasing a Blu-ray version of Down by law, the black-and-white Jim Jarmusch movie in which Tom Waits stars alongside John Lurie and Roberto Benigni.

Apart from the inevitable outtakes, there seems to be some interesting stuff among the extra's: a music video for Tom Waits’ cover of Cole Porter’s It’s all right with me (directed by Jim Jarmusch), recordings of phone conversations between Jarmusch and Waits, Benigni, and Lurie and an isolated music track.

Street date: July 17.

UPDATE: Looks like most of the extra features were available already on previous dvd releases.

Jockey full of bourbon and some clips:

It's all right with me:


Matches said...

Cool movie.. but you spelled 'which' the wrong way. ;P

The Eyeball Kid said...

@matches: thanks - I corrected the mistake.

Matches said...

No problem ;)

Mark Benson said...
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Matches said...

Hey Mark, how about a boat ride to Singapore instead?