Monday, June 11, 2012

Letterman and Fallon performances

They were announced, to be postponed almost immediately. But the rumours kept on coming and now (*) the Anchorage Press mentions Waits performing on The late show with David Letterman and Late night with Jimmy Fallon.

From an article about Big Bill Morganfield:
On July 10 and 11, he [Big Bill Morganfield] will back Tom Waits on the David Letterman Show and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
So, now we know where and when, the next question is why...? Feel free to speculate.

(*) 'Now' is June 11, 11:52 GMT.


surfraptor said...

Maybe Tom waits 'till the Corbijn book is ready? ;-)


49rambler said...

Saturday night in Charlotte, Government Mule did an excellent cover of Tom's "Going Out West". It was totally unexpected segue of...........................
..."Goin Out West>Bang a Gong>Goin Out West"
......where they appreciate me Oncence

49rambler said...

I keep waiting for Warren to cover Gin Soaked Boy,

everyone think positive Tom Tour.Till then we can be happy w/Warren,Trey,Zappa et al

Northender said...

Glitter and doom DVD?