Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Corbijn picture book

I mentioned this first way back in August 2009, but now it seems as if the Anton Corbijn book with Tom Waits pictures might actually be published in the near future.

TomWaits.com says the linen slipcase book (limited to 6,600 copies), is scheduled for a May 8th release in US and Europe by German publisher Schirmer-Mosel.

The book ($199.99 / €158,36) can be pre-ordered at Schirmer-Mosel or the Tom Waits store.


digression said...

Insanely expensive

fLip said...

indeed, insanely. If I recall correctly, in 2009 when I first pre-ordered it it was a reasonable price, something in the region of £50 or less. Now, having confirmed my interests in this edition, I only just now discovered the price. Ouch. I think I'll still get it but it's confirming my insanity. Wish Waits wasn't THE artist for me