Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tom Waits tributes

While we are waiting for the real thing, you might want to check out some of these Tom Waits tributes:

Small Change Band and Two dollar pistol feat. Ryan Fitzsimmons & Danielle Miraglia will be performing Tom Waits covers at Johnny D's (Sommerville, MA, USA - April 18th)

Peter Mulvey & the Crumbling Beauties and Babes in Boinkland perform a tribute to the Rain Dogs album at the Oberon (Cambridge, MA, USA - May 8-9th)

Leon Tol and his band William the Pleaser will be performing at De Harmonie (Edam, The Netherlands - May 16th)

Bright Phoebus sings Tom Waits at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival (Shrewsbury, UK - August 25th)

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea how good/bad these are. Attend at your own risk.


Anders Mikkelsen said...

And just to supplement: the great Norwegian/Danish Raindogs - Celebrating Tom Waits. They will be playing concerts in 2013.

Find more info on Facebook. Here's a video from Familien!

Regards Anders

Unknown said...

This is something completely different, but there's a Tom Waits pub crawl in Tønsberg in early May where there'll be loads of Waits tribute bands playing.

DeGentseTheesociëteit said...

Also: The belgian band Dans Dans (with Lyenn (who made an album with Marc Ribot), Bert Dockx (Flying Horseman), Steven Cassiers (Dez Mona) ) is working on a new record wich is out in a few weeks. One of the songs is Tom Waits' "Yesterday is here". You can find a live version of the song here: