Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tom Waits in a new Robert Wilson project?

In a panel discussion at the Toronto Luminato Festival with John Rockwell and Willem Dafoe, director Robert Wilson casually mentions a new project with Tom Waits.

It's not quite clear how serious he is, but the video is below, so you can judge for yourself (the Waits quote comes at 0:45:35).

Robert Wilson: 'It looks like I'm going to do Bonnie and Clyde'
John Rockwell: 'Bonnie and Clyde as what?'
Robert Wilson: 'As a play, a musical.'

A similar reference can be found in a piece by The Globe and Mail: Farther along is a reunion with Tom Waits, with whom Wilson worked on The Black Rider in 1990, Alice in 1990 and Woyzeck in 2002. That new collaboration is going to be about Depression-era desperados Bonnie and Clyde.

Thanks to Jeremy for posting this on the Eyeball Kid Facebook page.

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