Sunday, June 29, 2014

Folk Arts Rare Records closing

Lou Curtiss' fabled record store Folk Arts Rare Records - where Tom Waits played a couple of live shows in 1973 and 1974 - closes its doors tomorrow, The San Diego Union Tribune reports.

“‘There's no place better for your ears to eat than Lou and Ginny Curtiss' Folk Arts’, Waits said Friday, via email, from his Sonoma Valley home. ‘From the Civil War to Moderno, from Beale Street (in Memphis) to Palermo (Italy), Folk Arts is the cupola, the chimney, the porch and the screen door — the soup kitchen for the lonesome traveler. Lou is the (pioneering musicologist Alan) Lomax of my years. Long may he swagger, long may he rule. Farewell, and good luck, Lou.’”

(hat tip Jeremy)

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Unknown said...

Such a tender heartfelt farewell. Thank you for posting.
W.L. Barlow