Monday, July 28, 2014

Greg Cohen on Tom Waits: ‘I hope we can do something this year’

In an interview with Bob Baker Fish, published by Cyclic Defrost, bassist Greg Cohen talks briefly about working with Tom Waits. And he hints about a possible new collaboration:
‘We are looking for a new project now. I hope we can do something this year.’ 
Cohen talks more extensive about his earlier work with Waits in an interview with Paul Leslie. The Waits part starts around the 5:13 mark.

(hat tip Jeremy)


Unknown said...

Always thought Waits should have had him play more. Great bassist, I've seen him with Zorn as well.

hiway101 said...

Maybe Waits is considering bringing back guys his own age to play with aside from Larry. Those guys on stage with the horns at the Bridge Concert were very old school.

Thedre said...

Maybe an interview with Larry (the mole) Taylor would be nice. He's been with Tom for ages now.