Saturday, September 06, 2014

Tom Waits For No One scrapbook

Tom Waits for No One, the Facebook page dedicated to the short film of the same name, has some interesting news:
What could be better than a Tom Waits For No One Scrapbook, featuring all the art, drawings, doodles, goofs, newspaper clippings, ticket stubs of concerts attended by the artists DURING the making of the film? 
A Kickstarter campaign to lift the book off the ground - and to fund a 35th Anniversary Celebration of the film's release! 
Oh yeah - there's lots more coming - though you heard it here first! More to come over the next 72 hours...
Tom Waits For No One is a rotoscoped 1979 short film directed by John Lamb starring Tom Waits, singing The One That Got Away to an apparition.

You can find plenty of  info about the project on John Lamb's website.


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Thedre said...

I bought three cells and a drawing from Lamb when he put a few up on eBay years ago. The scrapbook is a great idea, as the YouTube video looks mushy, etc. Lamb's web page has some great shots.....
(I always had a problem with the big teeth in the video....)