Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Black Rider cleans up at Betty Mitchell Awards

Yesterday, The Black Rider - The Casting of the Magic Bullets, a stage production written by William S. Burroughs and scored by Tom Waits won five Betty Mitchell Awards, Calgary's professional theatre prizes.

The show - a co-production between Ground Zero Theatre, the Calgary Opera and the November Theatre - took home prizes for:

  • Musical direction (Corinne Kessel)
  • Costume design (Marissa Kochanski)
  • Outstanding direction (Ron Jenkins)
  • Outstanding production of a musical
  • FFWD Reader's Choice Award.

    Rex Venom said...

    Tom is The Man!
    Rock on!

    Anonymous said...

    Wouldnt Tom be a great person to play william Burroughs in the film or On the Road, I cant remember the name burroughs has in this!

    Anonymous said...

    You think so? I see very little similar between them, apart from occational narrative references. They look very different, Burroughs had a very frail voice, and they seem to me to have very different personalities...

    Then again, On The Road is a fictionalized version of the truth, so you never know... In a historical respect it would be extremely cool if Tom played Burroughs.