Wednesday, October 05, 2005


According to, shooting of the movie Wristcutters - ,,a comic tale about the journey through the afterlife for suicides'' - has finished. Tom Waits is quoted as one of the actors, but that's all the information available at this moment (the website seems far from finished).

The picture was written and directed by Goran Dukic and describes it as ,,an offbeat comedy, a love story and a road movie''.


Anonymous said...

The film is based on "Kneller's Happy Campers, ("Ha'Keytana shel Kneller," the literal translation is "Kneller's Summer Camp") a short novel by Etgar Keret, who's one of the leading figures in Israeli literature since the early '90s. Keret writes mainly short stories, I think Kneller's might be the longest thing he published. I read it back when it was released (around five years ago), and I don't remember exactly what goes on there, but it's something about that guy who kills himself and goes to a kind of afterlife that's filled with people who killed themselves... And he hears his ex-girlfriend killed herself too so he goes looking for her... something like that. It's full of freaky characters, so I suppose Waits will feel quite comfortable there. Should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

It does sound right up his alley...

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a Tom Waits concert I can't find on Kaazaa, running time 51:31

It's called live in Person and was recorded in 1979. If you can help, join me at

1 Wrong Side Of The Road
2 With A Suitcase
3 I Never Talk To Strangers
4 Step Right Up
5 On The Nickel
6 Red Shoes
7 Burma Shave
8 Kentucky Avenue
9 Small Change
10 Closing Instrumental