Wednesday, October 05, 2005


dominoThe movie Domino by director Tony Scott is scheduled for a US release on October 14th. Tom Waits was reported to play a small part (as a wandering soothsayer) in this picture, but his name is not mentioned on the website or on The only thing I've been able to find is this production picture of a man who looks like Mr. Waits.

UPDATE: A quote from the production notes regarding Tom Waits' appearance:
During a key scene at the end of the second act, the audience is suddenly introduced to yet another character, `The Wanderer,' played by singer/songwriter Tom Waits. He appears in the desert seemingly out of nowhere, similar to the role of the chorus in a Greek tragedy.

"The Wanderer explains a lot," says Scott. "Basically, he gives a summation of what's happened up to that point in the story. He also seems to have a psychic connection with Domino but no one knows if he is real or simply a figment of the imagination."

Scott and Waits discussed the origin of the character and decided he would be a gun toting, Seventh Day Adventist sporting a bandaged hand. He also foreshadows what is about to come.

(Source: Domino official production notes, 2005)

Thanks to Pieter


Buck Goldman said...

getting a sneak preview on wednesday (oct 12th). Im looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, now has Mr Waits' name listed in the cast as "The Drifter".

Anonymous said...

Saw Domino tonight. It's the middle of the desert and the three "heroes" have just been in an automobile accident. Slowly comes the first few notes of "Jesus Gonna Be Here" and some kook driving a beatup (what looks like) pink caddy. Out comes Mr. Waits brandishing a Bible and saying "You're all miracles." The next scene in the movie is wonderful.


-Delvis Crasho-

p.s. Two other Waits songs are in the movie: "Cold Cold Ground" and an untitled song. Die-hards, let the hunt begin (It was of gospel flavor. May have just been some stray vocal recording caught on the set).