Friday, December 09, 2005

Blog note: ads (update)

Recently, I've been adding some ads and sponsored links in the right side column on these pages. I haven't had any complaints about those, but I would like to hear your opinion. Hence, my very first poll. As always, you can have your say in the comments too.

Tell me about the advertisements
I don't mind - keep them
I hate them - get rid of them all
Lose those from
Lose those from iTunes
Lose the Google Ads

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I think the results from the poll are pretty clear: so far, more than a hundred people don't seem to mind the advertisements on the site, only a dozen or so want to get rid of some or all of them.

So, for the time being, they'll stay up. In time, proceeds will hopefully pay for my own webspace and I'm also thinking about some sort of give-away. I don't know if and how I should do this, but it seems only fair to give something back to you all.

For those interested in the financial details: GoogleAds pays a couple of dollar cents per click, iTunes a percentage per purchase made through one of my links. Amazon also pays me a small percentage on each purchase, and what's more, it does so on all items purchased for 24 hours after you visit their site through one of my links.


Anonymous said...

I don't mind them Henk
If they help you keep the site up and running then keep them.


Anonymous said...

I fully agree with the previous poster. Do whatever you have to do to keep on running this superb blog.

Anonymous said...

The top two comments say it all,They aren`t that noticeable anyway

Anonymous said...

Ads? What ads? :-)

I only ever read the blog text, as I have it set up as a RSS feed in Thunderbird, and have got in the habit of just reading the same area of the page.

If they pay the rent, and we don't seem to mind, go for it!

Anonymous said...

Leave them, they're not too intrusive.

Also, I'd encourage readers to buy products using the Amazon affiliate links on the right hand side (for whatever it's worth, I know they don't pay much) and even click on any relevant Google ads.

It all helps to keep this great blog up.


aitel said...

I don't mind too. Anyhow, just take everything that Google can offers to keep the maintenance of this blog - or, whatever, your bills, your new pool, new car...

swordfish0413 said...

Let they pay you as much as possible! And thanks again for the outstanding job that you are doing for all of us (and that would be worth to be payed for by every single one of us, too...)

Anonymous said...

Anything to help you keep this going - and thanks for asking :)

Anonymous said...

From experience ads and affiliate programs aren't really an effective way to bring in cash (as you’ve probably noticed by now).

Why not do one or both of the following:

* Put a paypal sponsorship/donation button on the blog, I know I'd throw in a few bucks to support your great work.

* Do a cafe press type of thing where you make shirts etc. Get a nice logo/design and cafe press do the rest. I’d buy a decent looking shirt especially as there aren’t many good Tom Waits ones around.

It's obvious that you this primarily out of passion for everything Tom Waits but no one will judge you for wanting a little financial incentive too.